welcomeTokyo Global Party is a weekend radio program illustrating remixes of popular dance music, heard in nightclubs and bars around the world and in Japan.


The Tokyo Global Party focuses on global music heard in Japan and gives listeners an opportunity to learn more about the music they hear at nightclubs, bars and parties.

A weekly broadcast and podcast post is presented in Japanese and English and is available in only English for foreign overseas broadcasters.

Tokyo Global is written and produced by American Radio host Dwayne Wayne. Radio show hosts also includes Mai Shirazaka and other invited special guests. The show is co-produced by Erica Nakano. The show also features interviews by global DJs, recording artists and other special guests performing throughout Tokyo.



  • Popular Global Dance Music Heard in Tokyo The program also illustrates remixes of popular Billboard charted dance music.
  • “Flash-back Track” Reviews an Older Dance Hit This popular segment is great to take listeners back 3 years or more to review music.
  • High Energy Production Sound This show has a unique high energy western radio sound that is not generally found in Japan.  It is what makes this radio show very unique.



Tokyo Global Party is licensed through “Hit Music Media Tokyo” the distribution company for this show across Japan. Online music licensing is through Mixcloud’s standard music streaming licensing for copyright content. Exclusive productions of this program is available to terrestrial radio stations by applying for a license to re-broadcast the show. Details at